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A native of Los Angeles, CA, and educated at the prestigious Holistic School of Houston, Texas, Dr. Keith Richardson learned the ancient art of holistic healing. With his education complete, he returned to California and established a full service holistic treatment center in Lynwood, where the focus is healing through a natural, holistic, herbal approach.

The New Body Nutrition System was formulated to deliver optimum holistic healing to patients suffering from a diversity of health issues, including arthritis, fibroid tumors, prostate cancer and the new epidemic of diabetes, which has spread through the country at alarming speed.

By Dr. Richardson's estimate, at least 80% of the patients who arrive at his holistic healing center have been mislead by doctors to believe that the only solution to their chronic ailments would be expensive, intrusive surgeries. With new reports indicating that many surgical procedures are costly and unnecessary, it is clear that traditional medical training does not comprehend the 2000 year-old approach of holistic healing. But the New Body Nutrition System creates real, genuine healing and wellness in patients suffering from chronic ailments.

The New Body Nutrition System is the most comprehensive, systematic treatment for all the vital organs of the body. There are products that offer natural healing solutions for the circulatory, glandular, pancreatic and urinary systems. Others that treat the respiratory and muscular systems; and still others that treat the kidney, liver, and colon systems. There are products that enhance brain function, promote proper thyroid function; enhance skin tone, even a body building formula. All the products are 100% natural, using no synthetic additives, which, often inhibit the true benefits of herbal based healing.

As you tour our site, you will find the absolute best that Nature has to offer in herbal nutrients and holistic healing. Be sure to read some of the testimonials of patients who have experienced real relief from their ailments through the New Body Nutrition System. When it comes to genuine health and wellness, there's only one natural solution the New Body Nutrition System - Natures cure for your health from the essence of the Earth!